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Brain Fart: Winter Doldrums Projects

December 29, 2007 Karl Rosengarth 0
Methinks biking through winter’s fury is an exercise in preparedness, if not stubbornness. It is a wise effort—to doggedly prepare not simply one’s self, but one’s equipment, for the wrath of winter.

Furthermore, the notion occurred to me that sharing my ordeal might perchance afford some amusement to those internet denizens that seemingly take pleasure in reading of such travails. I shall explain forthwith….
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Just Riding Along

Brain Fart: Dear Santa

December 23, 2007 Eric McKeegan 0

It being Christmas time and all, I thought Santa might want some ideas for me: 1-New off road drop bars. I’ve tried everything on the market and I’m still not… Read more

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Catching air legally

December 20, 2007 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

Whereas skateparks have bloomed like a thousand dandelions in every little burg coast to coast, most big-air mountain biking takes place on private land or unofficial trail. If you’re a… Read more