12 hours of Santos

The world of endurance racing. This world that I placed myself in has a lot of interesting experiences to offer, the idea of winning a race for example. On paper that sounds wonderful, and in reality it is. But the energy and effort that goes into making it happen is pretty huge. By choice I put myself in this situation that involves a lot of me to make happen. The training, planning, desire and determination to make a season worthwhile are up to the athlete. It becomes addicting, especially if achieving specific goals is the motivation. The competition keeps getting stronger, and hopefully so does the athlete, which keeps it interesting. It is all worth it if in the long run things add up and start paying back. So yes winning a race is magical but it does take a couple of days for the body to wake up after the race. And in that time frame I find my inability to totally bathe in the glory, pretty amazing. I am the type that gets tired and then it is game over. At that point I am better off in my own solitude to gather my thoughts. Once I finally get them all lined up my grin turns into a full on smile. That is when I take a deep breath and know that it was well worth the time and that I am looking forward to another go at it. And the more training that I do the less and less the recovery time is going to get.

Winning. Well that is the subject and yes I have been working towards more wins then not. And thankfully this past weekend in Florida, February 16th, I went out on my bicycle for 12 hours and was determined to give it all I got. And thankfully all the time put into being stronger has paid off. I had good competition in this event, which made me test my abilities. I was counting on my consistency and it pulled through. I turned 1 hour laps most of the race and pulled ahead in the last 4 hours and maintained the 8-10 minute lead for the win. I was glad to hear that because I was really trying as hard as I could. 12 laps was enough for the win. Like I said I only had an 8-10 minute lead, so yes it was a tight race. I am glad to say that I was top 10 out of the 49 total solo riders.


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