Video: More Than A Sport

In: RACING, VIDEOS By: Press release On: February 21, 2017

Trek visits the Corner Canyon High School Chargers, the largest mountain bike team in the United States, and learns about the transformative power of the sport that goes beyond racing, knows no age limit, and is inclusive for all.

As stated in the Trek blog, “There’s something undeniably cool about a high school mountain bike team, something that separates it from more traditional sports teams like football, wrestling, and soccer. The great distinguisher, perhaps, is that mountain biking doesn’t end with graduation. It knows no age limit. At Corner Canyon, the team has more than doubled in size since its first season in 2013.

And herein lies the true spirit of the sport: mountain biking is for everyone. You can be slow, you can be fast, you can be experienced, you can want a new challenge, you can simply want to be around friends. Whatever you want to get out of it, mountain biking gives more in return. Whatever level of ability, mountain biking changes lives.”

Watch the video, and be inspired.

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