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Photo Gallery: Crankworx Whip-Off World Championships

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As a first-timer at Crankworx, most everything about this event is eye-opening. From the overall turnout to the the diversity of the crowd, I’ve come away impressed. While there are plenty of incredible events, including Saturday’s legendary Red Bull Joy Ride, the Whip-Off World Championships was one of the events I was most excited to watch and shoot.

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First of all, these jumps are HUGE.

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Secondly, this world-class crew of riders makes it look so stylish and so easy.

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Beyond whips, there’s no shortage of attempts to stand out. This year we saw a cow suit, a dude wearing flip flops, another dude wearing nothing but a sock on his dangly bits and Lars Sternberg competing on his Transition Klunker.

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Repeat women’s winner Casey Brown has won this event so many times she’s lost count.

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Andreu Lacondeguy took home the men’s title. Watch for our exclusive interview with him in the next issue of Dirt Rag, #187.

When I first showed up at Whistler [for Crankworx], I just wanted to send it as hard as I could. I was 16 years old and I didn’t care much about anything. My hair was long and dirty. I was hung over and riding in a Misfits T-shirt. I won qualifiers and then overjumped the biggest step-down on the mountain when I tried to flip it and landed in the hospital. Those days were crazy, and we were all a little out of control.

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Whip-Off Worlds is definitely an event worth seeing in person someday.

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Featured Ride: Whistler’s Top of the World, Khyber, Kashmir, Kush and Big Timber


Don't look down. It's called Top of the World for a reason.

Don’t look down. It’s called Top of the World for a reason.

Whistler Bike Park’s Top of the World trail is a bucket-list experience for any gravity-loving mountain biker. This week’s featured ride adds some epic backcountry riding to the legendary Top of the World alpine experience.


This high-altitude experience is open from July through late September. You’ll need to procure both a Whistler Bike Park pass and a Peak Zone pass in order to access this ride. Peak Zone passes are limited to 150 rider per day in order to minimize damage to the sensitive alpine terrain.


This ten-mile ride is not for the faint of heart. In addition to technically challenging terrain and 7,118 ft beginning altitude, much of this ride is fairly remote. Make sure you have adequate bike supplies and fuel for your crew.

Hannah Barnes dropping in.

The Top of the World Trail hosts the Enduro World Series each year during Crankworx.

Total descent is just over 6,000 vertical feet, but it’s not all down hill. You’ll climb over 1,100 vertical feet before ride’s end.

Be sure to check out all the details on MTB Project before tackling this ride.




Whistler Bike Park opens Saturday, May 2


Photo by Justa Jeskova

I am by no means an expert gravity rider but the Whistler Bike Park is easily one of the most amazing places I’ve ever had a chance to ride. There are dozens of trails for all skill levels and the quality of their build-out and design is second to none. It’s a reason it has the reputation that it does—it’s earned it.

This year the park is opening two weeks early thanks to low snow levels in the lower Fitzsimmons Zone. If you have a visit planned you can take advantage of early bird pricing on lift passes from now until June 12. The deals are available for unlimited season passes, twilight passes, the Top of the World passes and now five and ten-day passes. Also new this season is the addition of spring-time extended play hours until 8 p.m. every Saturday from May 16 until June 13 (when extended play will run daily), adding four more evenings of twilight riding to the schedule.

I’ll be there for Crankworx this fall, if not sooner. See you there!



Video: What I do in Whistler

Few places in the mountain bike world have the magical cache as Whistler, British Columbia. If you’ve never been, it’s home to not just the Whistler Bike Park, but hundreds of miles of trails throughout the valley and far up the mountains.

A lot of folks come here for different reasons, but it seems not everyone has the same idea of what’s going on…

Check out Matt Dennison’s hilarious winning entry in the 2014 GoPro Crankworx Dirt Diaries film festival:



Gallery: Enduro World Series – Crankworx


Photos by Adam Newman

The sixth round of the Enduro World Series rolled into Whistler just in time for a little thing called Crankworx to get under way. Several classic Whistler trails were groomed especially for the event with the deep, soft terrain of Crazy Train contrasting sharply with the rocky, exposed Top of the World.

By incorporating more trails outside of the bike park, the race increased in difficulty not just in descending, but by bumping the number of riding transition stages up to four. In all, riders would cover nearly nearly 40 miles over the course of the day.

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