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Video: Riding Lakes Basin with Mark Weir and Ben Cruz

Only 30 miles north of legendary Downieville, California, sits an oasis of empty, deserted old mining trails ready for plundering. The Trail Ninja (Dan Milner) joined Cannondale riders Mark Weir and Ben Cruz for a two-day romp around the Lakes Basin area, pulling mile upon mile of flowy turns and endless rocky staircases out of the bag for the penultimate instalment from the Trail Ninja, whose three-year crusade to show the best riding locations around the world is nearing its end. From EpicTV.


Video: Trail Ninja goes to Turkey

“This was simply the most frustrating trip I have ever done in 30 years of mountain biking.” — Dan Milner

Milner, aka The Trail Ninja, heads to the Black Sea region of Turkey in this video from the Machete Trail Diaries to join a group of mountain bike guides scouting the area for suitable trails. To make it a harder on themselves, they go in the scorching heat of July. If you’ve ever wondered how amazing guided trips come to be, here is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the first stage of discovering a new mountain bike trail destination.

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