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Spring Break! We go head to head with six new trail bikes


It’s been a rough winter near Dirt Rag HQ, and after our last trip to Virginia was such a success, when another offer of lodging and guide service came out way, I didn’t hesitate long to make plans to head south to Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing.

Willderness Adventure is about 45 minutes outside Roanoke, Virginia, and situated smack in the middle of a huge range of riding. We’ve ridden ridge lines, steep chutes, rock gardens and man-made jump lines, really the complete package of what I think makes mountain biking awesome.

The purpose of the trip is to finalize testing for a new feature: “Throwdown.” Later this year in Dirt Rag you’ll see six of 2014’s most compelling bikes paired off and assigned to a single reviewer. As is our unwritten policy, this isn’t a shootout, but a chance to use two bikes to better tell you the story of each one.

Click here to see the bikes.

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