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Cannondale issues voluntary recall of OPI stems


Courtesy of Cannondale

At Cannondale, the quality and safety of our products are of paramount importance. We build world-class bicycles, components and parts for riders who demand the highest levels of performance. During the course of regular testing, we identified a potential safety issue with the OPI stem/steering tube assemblies used in certain Mountain Bikes. We informed appropriate regulatory authorities and, while there have been no reported accidents or injuries as a result of this, we decided it would be in the best interest of our consumers to conduct a voluntary recall of the part.

OPI Wedge 2From model year 2011 through model year 2015 Cannondale used OPI stems on certain Mountain Bikes. Some OPI stems were also sold as aftermarket stems. Testing has shown that the nature of the connection between the base of the OPI stem and the top of the steering tube results in a reduced fatigue life. This could lead to fork failure, with risk of a serious accident or injury. To address this risk, all OPI equipped forks must be fitted with a special wedge kit that locks and reinforces the threaded connection between the OPI stem and the steering tube. This remedy restores appropriate fatigue life.OPI Wedge

You can identify that you have an OPI stem that is being recalled if the words “OPI” are printed on the top of your stem. You should stop riding your bike immediately and bring it to your nearest authorized Cannondale Dealer to have the part replaced at no charge. Call ahead to make your appointment and you should be in and out quickly. It should take less then 30 minutes to install the new part.

We know that it might be a hassle to have to take your bike off the trails to do this, but your safety is important to us.


Cane Creek recalls some Inline rear shocks


This just in from Cane Creek:

To our customers,

At Cane Creek, we strive to make best-in-class products that provide exceptional performance and rider experience. During the initial production of the DBinline rear shock, we did not live up to this promise. We have determined that certain DBinline shocks manufactured from May 23, 2014 through September 15, 2014 have graphics that incorrectly identify the adjustment directions for High Speed Rebound (HSR) damping. We are extremely sorry for the confusion this may have caused and have corrected this mistake.

HSR on the DBinline shock is decreased by turning the adjuster counter-clockwise and increased by turning it clockwise. The incorrect graphics direct the opposite; that is, the plus (+) and minus (–) symbols are transposed. Following these directions will cause unexpected behavior by a bike’s suspension and pose a fall hazard to a rider.

Shocks with incorrect HSR graphics can be identified as follows, note the position of the (+) and (-) symbols:

Cane creek recall

Affected product will contain a serial number within the following ranges:

AA00002 – AA07304

SA00077 – SA03926

Please note that, with corrected HSR graphics, these shocks are performing as intended. Customers should refer to page 18 of their Tuning Field Guide (available online at http://www.canecreek.com/resources/products/suspension/tfg_english.pdf) for correct adjustment instructions.

To remedy this issue, Cane Creek will provide a repair decal kit that indicates the correct adjustment direction. Cane Creek encourages consumers to obtain a repair kit as soon as possible by reporting the in the form below, emailing us at [email protected] or call our Recall Hotline at 1.844.490.3663 or 828.209.4480 Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST. Please have your serial number handy. For more info – CLICK HERE.

Cane Creek sincerely regrets any inconvenience this situation may have caused you. Everything we do at Cane Creek is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect this from us and we will keep working to meet this high standard.

In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For more information, please visit: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2015/Cane-Creek-Recalls-Bicycle-Shocks/


Video: SRAM’s president discusses details of hydraulic road/cx brake recall

In what seems to be a trend this month, another CEO of a major cycling brand falls on his sword and apologizes to consumers. Here, SRAM’s president Stan Day discusses what led to the recall of all SRAM hydraulic road and cyclocross brakes and what steps consumers should take if they have them. For the latest on the recall, visit sramroadhydraulicbrakerecall.com.

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