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New: Canfield Brothers Crampon Mountain Pedals

August 22, 2016 Jon Pratt 0

Canfield Brothers released a new pedal in their thinner-than-thin Crampon line, the Mountain. The Mountain pedals are a melding of the Classic, which appeared in 2011, and the newer Ultimate pedals. The Mountains have the same


Review: Answer Rove FR Pedals

December 4, 2014 Jon Pratt 0

For the past month I’ve been running Answer’s Rove FR pedals on all my bikes. Swapping between a fatty, full suspension, dirt jumper and gravel grinder. That’s just how I roll. The Roves are solid.


Review: Mavic CrossMax XL pedals

February 11, 2014 Adam Newman 0

Mavic is all about component systems, and as such, the Crossmax XL line includes everything from wheels and tires to shoes and pedals. The Crossmax XL pedals are essentially rebranded Time ATAC pedals, which is