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Inside Line: Mavic’s lightest wheels get even lighter

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Mavic is nearly synonymous with high end wheels—as it should be as the seminal French brand is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year—and its upped the ante with its latest iteration of light weight race wheels, the Crossmax SL.

Built for cross-country riders, racers and fast trail riding, the new Crossmax SL wheel system combines all of the latest Mavic technologies while shaving up to 100 grams from the previous generation SLR.

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Review: Mavic CrossMax XL pedals


Mavic is all about component systems, and as such, the Crossmax XL line includes everything from wheels and tires to shoes and pedals. The Crossmax XL pedals are essentially rebranded Time ATAC pedals, which is a good thing to me since I’ve been a huge fan of the ATAC system for years and have several pairs that have long outlived their expected expiration date.

The larger body of the XL model provides more stability under the foot when riding in aggressive terrain or if you want to ride unclipped through a technical maneuver. The synthetic body is lighter than metal and has been plenty tough enough to stand up to clipping the occasional rock on the trail. If you ride with either gravity shoes or the more flexible “enduro” or trail shoes that are popular now, you’ll appreciate the extra platform underfoot.

The ATAC cleat system offers 10 degrees of angular float as well as 5mm of lateral float, so you can move your feet side to side a tiny bit to compensate for leg length discrepancies or less-than-perfect cleat placement. They also offer either 13 or 17 degrees of rotation before release, depending on which foot you mount them on. Plus they’re self-cleaning, and have always worked well in mud and snow.

The Crossmax XL pedals we tested use a hollow Chromoly axle and retail for $249, but Mavic also offers a Ti axle version available for $399 and less expensive versions under the Crossride and Crossroc labels starting at $99.


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