Photo Gallery: Crankworx Whip-Off World Championships

In: EVENTS, FEATURES, Photo Galleries By: Justin Steiner On: August 14, 2015

What began as an informal, invite-only competition has quickly become one of the highlights of Crankworx as riders compete to throw the best whip over the massive Crabapple Hits.

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As a first-timer at Crankworx, most everything about this event is eye-opening. From the overall turnout to the the diversity of the crowd, I’ve come away impressed. While there are plenty of incredible events, including Saturday’s legendary Red Bull Joy Ride, the Whip-Off World Championships was one of the events I was most excited to watch and shoot.

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First of all, these jumps are HUGE.

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Secondly, this world-class crew of riders makes it look so stylish and so easy.

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Beyond whips, there’s no shortage of attempts to stand out. This year we saw a cow suit, a dude wearing flip flops, another dude wearing nothing but a sock on his dangly bits and Lars Sternberg competing on his Transition Klunker.

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Repeat women’s winner Casey Brown has won this event so many times she’s lost count.

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Andreu Lacondeguy took home the men’s title. Watch for our exclusive interview with him in the next issue of Dirt Rag, #187.

When I first showed up at Whistler [for Crankworx], I just wanted to send it as hard as I could. I was 16 years old and I didn’t care much about anything. My hair was long and dirty. I was hung over and riding in a Misfits T-shirt. I won qualifiers and then overjumped the biggest step-down on the mountain when I tried to flip it and landed in the hospital. Those days were crazy, and we were all a little out of control.

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Whip-Off Worlds is definitely an event worth seeing in person someday.

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