First look: Transition Klunker – no technology and in no way optimized

In: NEWS, TECH By: Adam Newman On: October 16, 2012

There’s been quite a debate brewing around the office lately that maybe mountain bikes have gotten way too high-tech and complicated. There are so many f’ing switches on the handlebars these days that I don’t know whether to pedal or prepare for a lunar landing. And now batteries? Gimme a break. 

Well Transition is here to keep the batteries in the remote where they belong with the Klunker. Proud to introduce this "giant step backward", they say it has "no technology and is in no way optimized." Sounds like a good time to us. 

Details include a 4130 steel frame, 800mm-wide moto handlebars, three-piece BMX cranks, a coaster brake, and a nice price tag: $549. 

I know I’d rather be klunking.


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