Featured Ride: Kokopelli Loops Ridgeline Tour, Colorado

In: FEATURED RIDES By: Dirt Rag Magazine On: April 13, 2016

Great views, big challenges and a mountain biker-friendly town make this a must-do ride.


There are many reasons why Fruita, Colorado, is a famed mountain biking destination, and the Ridgeline Tour of Kokopelli Loops is one of them. This is a difficult, expert-level ride with rewarding views of the Kokopelli Loops, Colorado River and McGinnis Canyons. Accept that hiking your bike is a foregone conclusion, then set out to enjoy the 16 miles of singletrack featuring rocky ledges, smooth contouring singletrack and everything in between.


You can easily extend this ride by many, many miles by adding on other beginner and intermediate loops that intertwine with this route. When finished, you’re a very short jaunt away from Fruita, a town that caters specifically to mountain bikers with good food, good bike shops and lots of local camping.


Photos courtesy of MTB Project.

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