Submitting photos

To submit photos to our Rider’s Eye section, they must be high quality and they must belong to you with full rights. While not required, it also helps to have a rider in the photo, not a bike propped up against something. Please include your name, where the photo was taken and the name of the rider. We share the best submitted photos in the magazine as well as on our Instagram account. You can email them to

Submitting words

How do I submit editorial material?

We accept and encourage submissions of all kinds. Choose to either submit a brief query or a finished article. Emails (keep them short!) to or are the preferred method of communication. We get lots of queries, so don’t expect a quick response time. Be sure to put your contact information on all aspects of your communication. Specify if your work has been published or solicited elsewhere. If we run your story in print, expect it to appear online at a later date. 

Do you pay for articles?

Generally, yes. Not much, but we do what we can. Standard pay for a web article is $50. 

Ideas for submissions

We have two types of print articles—Features and Departments

  • Features are more in-depth articles, usually running 1,000-3,500 words. An example of a Feature is a “Places to Ride” with maps and a 411 sidebar, or an interview with someone really unique. Features often involve art, and will therefore require collaboration with the art department. See the art guidelines below for more.
  • Departments are the backbone of the magazine. However, not every department appears every issue. Consult a few issues of the Dirt Rag and look at the Table of Contents “Departments” to get a feel for what we do. It’s most common that we need material for Readings—short, 100-500 word, timely news briefs. Consult the deadlines chapter below for material deadline dates.

Web articles can be just about anything, from ride reports and adventure tales to humorous anecdotes and opinion pieces. Web pieces can be from about 200 words up to 1500 words – longer pieces may be best split up or edited down.


Materials deadlines fall approximately six weeks prior to the issue date for print submissions.

For web articles, the web editor will work with you to set a deadline once the story has been discussed.

Anything else?

If the above didn’t answer your question, contact the editor at for print mag inquiries and for questions about submitting pieces for the web.

Art Guidelines

We accept art, photos, cartoons, scribbles, collage, etc. All are welcome. The decision to use a piece of art or photography could take one week or it could take years. If you have questions about what we might want or are interested in the cover, contact our art director.


Dirt Rag assumes all art and photography submitted is designated for use in the magazine. We reserve the right to reprint art on the web and in promotions and advertisements for Dirt Rag.


Payment is made once the piece is used, not before. Payment takes six weeks from the publication date. If you have specific payment requirements contact the art director BEFORE submitting any work.