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  1. Hey I have a Dirt Rag Subscription thru iOS/App store/itunes. I just purchased a new iPad and backed up and restored from my old one. On the new iPad the Dirt Rag app will not restore purchases thru iTunes and won’t let me sign in. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The only thing I can think is that recently I had to change my apple id so it is different than when I subscribed to Dirt Rag? any help appreciated would love to get back to reading my favorite magazine?

    • Tons of peeps are having this issue. I had this issue with the last two releases. Dirtrag it’s time for a new app company.

      • I have yet to see an app update in the app store? Still having the same problem. I have done everything Dirt Rag Support and Apple Support have said multiple times! All my other magazine apps work fine. Anybody actually resolved this?
        I am two issues behind and can’t get them without purchasing even though I have an active subscription>

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