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Rider’s Eye: Oscar Mud in Training

Most Rider’s Eye submissions are photographs, but we love reader videos as well. Check out this great clip of Oscar Mud, the trail dog in training. Submitted by Nikki Channon of MudTrek. Keep up the good work Oscar!

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Rider’s Eye: Riding with Ty


Photographer Bryan Kirkwood sent us this great video he made with his dog Ty in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. 

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Rider’s Eye: Mountain bike biathlon

2014 Mass Relay

Not what you expect to see from mountain bikers, huh? Photographer Leo Volz III captured the action at the International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Multi-Friggin-Verse (yes, that’s the official name) in Marysville, Penn. It was the first race of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series and afterwards there was a special bonus event: mountain bike biathlon. The premise was simple: ride two miles, shoot, ride two miles, shoot, ride two more miles to the finish. See more of Volz’s photos from the event here and send your favorite photographs to [email protected].


How We Roll: Paul’s Klunker

In the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains with my 1952 Schwinn Klunker. It was “cold” (about 50 degrees) in the dead of winter for Los Angles so I was all alone. -Paul de Valera


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Vintage illustrations by artist Joe Holden


Most of our Rider’s Eye submissions these days are photographs, but since the beginning of Dirt Rag we’ve loved showcasing illustrations too. Reader Joe Holden sent these works of the rad ol’ days of mountain biking. Thanks Joe!

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Rider’s Eye


Photographer: Deanna Campbell

Rider: Kevan Rourke

Location: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

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Rider’s Eye


Fat Bike Summit

Foxboro, Mass.

Photo by Craig Mello

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