Review: Bontrager Old Man Winter boot

December 7, 2015 Katherine Fuller 0

Cycling-specific, cold-weather boots have long seemed like a luxury item to me. That changed when I decided to get serious about fat biking and spend every weekend exploring snowy trails high in the cold Colorado


Field Tested: Shimano XM9 Shoes

December 2, 2015 Justin Steiner 0

When Shimano announced the XM9 and XM7 earlier this year, I couldn’t have been more excited. These shoes looked to be perfect for cool-temperature fall, winter and spring riding. Now with a couple weeks of riding


Field Tested: Bike travel bag comparison

October 22, 2015 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

We field tested three bags for traveling with your bike: Evoc Bike Bag, Scicon AeroComfort MTB and the Shimano Pro Bike Mega. If you’re ready to ditch the cardboard box, considering putting one of these products on your


Review: currexSole BikePro insoles

February 10, 2015 Adam Newman 0

If you think about it, the connection between your feet and the pedals is the most important between you and your bike. It’s where the power generated by your body becomes forward motion through the


Review: Giro Alpineduro winter SPD boots

January 14, 2015 Eric McKeegan 0

Giro may have made the perfect “shoulder season” footwear with the Alpineduro. Seriously. These are amazing boots. Looking more like a pair of Italian hiking boots than the typical tech-y bike shoes, the Alpineduro fits in


First look: 1Up USA Quik Rack

December 31, 2014 Adam Newman 0

Hailing from southwest Wisconsin, 1Up USA’s products represent some of the same qualities that its Midwestern roots are known for: understated, hard work. There’s nothing flashy or glamorous about the 1Up rack, it is broad-shouldered and


Review: Uvex Quatro Pro helmet

December 8, 2014 Jon Pratt 0

This is the second Uvex helmet I’ve had, and I’m really sold on their design. For me the fit is dialed, the enclosure system is simple and dependable, and helmet doesn’t look stupid on my


Review: Giro New Road Thermal Tights

December 5, 2014 Mike Cushionbury 0

Don’t let the inclusion of the word ”Road” fool you into thinking these (or Giro’s entire New Road clothing line) are dedicated to skinny tire pavement riders. A great pair of winter tights is a