Trail Tested: SRAM X1 Drivetrain

July 9, 2015 Matt Kasprzyk 0

Until the very recent release of the new GX group (which also offers multiple chainring options if you go that way), SRAM’s X1 drivetrain was the company’s entry level, full mountain bike, 1×11 offering. Whether


First Impressions: 2015 Felt Virtue 3

July 8, 2015 Matt Kasprzyk 0

Felt has some bold claims for their 2015 line of Virtue trial bikes. If they’re really going to be the “benchmark for all trial bikes” then this here combo of Felt’s Equilink and Fast suspension


Trail Tested: Trek Remedy 9.9 29

June 3, 2015 Matt Kasprzyk 0

By Matt Kasprzyk Amidst the 27.5 and fat bike boom Trek has been perfecting a 29er that redefines 140 mm travel, big-wheeled bikes. Sure, there’s a lot of proven Trek features that riders are familiar

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Sony unveils new 4k ActionCam

February 9, 2015 Matt Kasprzyk 0

Sony has been pushing hard for a larger segment of the POV camera market in recent years and it’s confident that it can become a major player. The electronics company certainly has the brand recognition as well


First Impression: Niner Jet 9 1-Star

January 29, 2015 Matt Kasprzyk 0

Editor’s note: This is one of six bikes we’ve gathered together that fall between $1,900 and $2,600. Read our introduction to see the other five and watch for our long-term reviews of each in Dirt Rag


Long-term review: Yeti 575

December 1, 2014 Matt Kasprzyk 0

When the 575 was first introduced a decade ago, it broke the mold for trail bikes. With 5.75 inches of travel, it doubled what other companies were offering, plus it featured a 69-degree head-tube angle,


First Impressions: Trek Remedy 9.9 29

November 4, 2014 Matt Kasprzyk 0

It seems like a long while since I’ve been on a Trek. In the couple years that have passed since I last rode one, we now see some of its once proprietary geometry principles implemented by


Review: Carver Ti 420

January 20, 2014 Matt Kasprzyk 0

Admittedly, I went into this test a bit skeptical. I can justify titanium for other applications rather easily, but for a progressive trail riding 29er I needed to be convinced. The weight savings is nice,

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Just Riding Along

The 650b fork meets the Yeti SB-66c — a love story

March 25, 2013 Matt Kasprzyk 0

By Matt Kasprzyk

Why mess with a good thing? To make it better, of course. If you agree with the reviews and press; Yeti’s SB-66c is a good thing – if not a great thing. So good that I leapt at the chance for the super-bike to kill my quiver. Yeti has already received several accolades from our staff and many others for their Switch Technology suspension bikes. They must be a good thing, right? So why f’ck with it?

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Review: Salsa Horsetheif

March 15, 2013 Matt Kasprzyk 0

By Matt Kasprzyk

Salsa’s tagline “adventure by bike” is actually more of a mantra according to Pete Koski, Salsa’s design engineer. Everything the company does is filtered through those three words. The Horsethief is the latest bike the phrase has inspired. Salsa’s goal was to design a bike that could devour technical trails like Horsethief Bench in Fruita, Colorado.

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2012 gift guide and staff picks – Matt’s picks

December 17, 2012 Matt Kasprzyk 0

By the Dirt Rag staff

This is our first attempt at a holiday gift guide, and, in typical Dirt Rag fashion, we had to do it our way. We’ll share a dirty little secret with you: most magazines’ gift/buyer’s guides are not created based on the recommendations of riders, but by the wants and desires of advertisers.

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Introducing Pearl Izumi X Project

October 31, 2012 Matt Kasprzyk 0

By Matt Kaspryzk. Photos by Matt Kaspryzk and Bill Freeman.

Riding bikes with Brian Lopes in Laguna Beach for a couple days? As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to pack my bags, throw in a pair of the much-anticipated new shoes from Pearl Izumi and I’m reminded why this job can be so much fun.