Blast From the Past: Mock Cover Outtakes

May 21, 2015 Karl Rosengarth 0

I come from a long line of pack rats. Nothing gets thrown away, and family attics look like scenes from “American Pickers.” This genetic predisposition, combined with my long tenure at Dirt Rag, landed me


Review: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 770

November 18, 2014 Karl Rosengarth 0

Editor’s Note: This review originally appeared in Dirt Rag Issue #180. To make sure you never miss a bike review, order a subscription today. You’ll be helping to support your independent mountain bike forum. The

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First Impressions: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

July 23, 2014 Karl Rosengarth 0

The Thunderbolt is an all-new model in Rocky Mountain’s 2014 lineup. With its 120mm of travel, this 27.5 dual-boinger is Rocky’s general-purpose “XC” platform. The Thunderbolt slots in between the company’s Element “XC race” and


#tbt: Show us your tattoo

April 17, 2014 Karl Rosengarth 0

With acres upon acres of cool bikes and gadgets on display at the annual Interbike trade show, it’s tough to get noticed. Exhibitors battle to attract the roving hordes to their booths. Most employ tried


Review: Pivot Mach 5.7 carbon

February 14, 2014 Karl Rosengarth 0

One bike to do it all—that’s the idea behind Pivot’s Mach 5.7. While the definition of “all” depends to a large extent on the rider, with its 145mm of rear travel and 26-inch wheels, the


Review: Trek Stache 8

February 6, 2014 Karl Rosengarth 0

The Stache is an all-new addition to Trek’s 2013 lineup, a rugged trail bike designed to be versatile enough to serve as the elusive “one bike that’s does it all.” Rather than give the Stache


Review: Lynskey MT 650

January 6, 2014 Karl Rosengarth 0

The idea behind the Silver Series from Lynskey is to offer titanium bikes with a lower price tag, relative to the higher-end models in the company’s lineup. The Silver Series saves some shekels by eschewing

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Dirt Rag Time Machine – Husker Du? Rag

August 5, 2013 Karl Rosengarth 0

By Karl Rosengarth

As I dove deep into the stack of archives from my most recent excursion in the Dirt Rag Time Machine, a thought occurred to me. Wouldn’t it be fun to play a little trivia quiz game?

Sure it would!

I even came up with a name for my game: Hüsker Dü? Rag. (I hope the makers of the original game have a sense of humor.)

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First Impression: Lynskey MT 650

July 23, 2013 Karl Rosengarth 0

By Karl Rosengarth

Don’t call it a comeback. Titanium bikes never went away. However, that whooshing sound that titanium heard in the 1990s was carbon fiber ascending to the top of the frame material food chain.

Back in the day, titanium mountain bikes graced the catalogs of a number of big brands. Who can forget the Tomac signature Raleighs of the early ’90s?

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The Pace is Right at the Ultra Lite

June 27, 2013 Karl Rosengarth 0

By Karl Rosengarth

Team Dirt Rag will be throwin’ down at the Cheat Mountain Ultra and Ultra Lite Sunday in Beverly, W.V. The fourth race on the WVMBA Ultra Series calendar sends Ultra riders on a 40+ mile romp through the rugged Cheat Mountain Wilderness, including a 12 mile gravel road climb that should sort out the starting field in fine fashion and avoid any singletrack logjams.