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Eric McKeegan

Eric McKeegan


Tech Editor

Yeah, but what do you ACTUALLY do around here?

Wrangle review products, wear wool, ranting, winning messiest desk competition.

What do you think about when you're riding your bike?

Often, and blissfully, nothing at all.

How would you rate your coffee consumption on a scale of 8-10?

No cream, no sugar.

Complete this sentence: "My other bike is …"

1988 KLR

What are you eating, drinking, reading, or fearing these days?

Eating: Tacos. Drinking: Porter.

Elvis or the Beatles?


Say something profound and meaningful in exactly seven words…

The Beatles, most overrated band in history.

I like your answers. How can I get in touch with you?

Email me

No joke: Santa Cruz debuts redesigned 27.5 Nomad


Those of you who have been paying attention know Santa Cruz treats April Fool’s Day very seriously, with new or updated bikes released every year on this date. And the best part of a Santa Cruz new bike launch? They are for bikes that are actually in the warehouse and ready to ship! This year is no different, with a 27.5 wheeled version of the Nomad ready to hit dealers’ floors as I type.

Get the details and see tons more photos.


Spring Break! We go head to head with six new trail bikes


It’s been a rough winter near Dirt Rag HQ, and after our last trip to Virginia was such a success, when another offer of lodging and guide service came out way, I didn’t hesitate long to make plans to head south to Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing.

Willderness Adventure is about 45 minutes outside Roanoke, Virginia, and situated smack in the middle of a huge range of riding. We’ve ridden ridge lines, steep chutes, rock gardens and man-made jump lines, really the complete package of what I think makes mountain biking awesome.

The purpose of the trip is to finalize testing for a new feature: “Throwdown.” Later this year in Dirt Rag you’ll see six of 2014′s most compelling bikes paired off and assigned to a single reviewer. As is our unwritten policy, this isn’t a shootout, but a chance to use two bikes to better tell you the story of each one.

Click here to see the bikes.


Review: Kitsbow apparel


Kitsbow’s mantra is “Impeccable mountain bike wear for obsessives”. This is expensive sounding language, but it captures much about what makes Kitsbow stand out from the rest of the mountain bike apparel crowd while remaining tastefully understated.

There are no garish colors to be found in the Kitsbow catalog, mostly grays and blacks and blues, all finely tailored and sewn from expensive materials in British Columbia by folks with years of experience manufacturing high end outdoor garments. Kitsbow is headquartered in Larkspur, Calif., having been founded by two friends with background in mountain biking and clothing design.

Read more about some of the finest cyclewear you can buy.

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