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Frostbike gallery and tech roundup, Part 1

February 23, 2015 Adam Newman 0

Quality Bicycle Components is the largest bicycle products distributor in the U.S. and is the brand that supports nearly every bike shop in America. It owns several of its own brands and distributes dozens of


Review: currexSole BikePro insoles

February 10, 2015 Adam Newman 0

If you think about it, the connection between your feet and the pedals is the most important between you and your bike. It’s where the power generated by your body becomes forward motion through the


Injured veterans invited to fifth Warrior 100k

February 2, 2015 Adam Newman 0

Photo courtesy of the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative It’s hard to imagine mountain biking being a priority of the United States military, but without the sacrifice of men and women in uniform, it’s possible many


First Impression: KHS SixFifty 7200

January 30, 2015 Adam Newman 0

KHS was one of the first brands to wholeheartedly embrace 27.5 wheels, putting its first model on the market in 2009 and now offering 19 models across the line. It was able to do so


First Impression: Kona Precept DL

January 27, 2015 Adam Newman 0

Editor’s note: This is one of six bikes we’ve gathered together that fall between $1,900 and $2,600. Read our introduction to see the other five and watch for our long-term reviews of each in Dirt Rag

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Spotlight: Hanebrink prototype, circa 1993

January 5, 2015 Adam Newman 0

Photos by the author and Anthony Bareno, Velo Cult It’s hard to point a finger at what was the “first” fat bike. Just like the origins of the mountain bike itself, there are several branches


First look: 1Up USA Quik Rack

December 31, 2014 Adam Newman 0

Hailing from southwest Wisconsin, 1Up USA’s products represent some of the same qualities that its Midwestern roots are known for: understated, hard work. There’s nothing flashy or glamorous about the 1Up rack, it is broad-shouldered and


Review: RockShox Bluto fork

December 17, 2014 Adam Newman 0

By Adam Newman RockShox deserves a lot of the credit for driving the latest wheel-size trends in mountain biking these days. As the first major manufacturer to offer 27.5 forks, it created the watershed moment

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SRAM debuts its own direct mount X-Sync chainring

December 16, 2014 Adam Newman 0

Since the boom of single chainring drivetrains and the narrow/wide chainrings that followed, one item has been notably absent from bike shop shelves. SRAM’s high-end cranksets have long been equipped with a removable spider, but

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Pivot Cycles unveils new 429SL carbon

December 12, 2014 Adam Newman 0

Earlier this year the release of the Mach 4 Carbon was big news for Pivot Cycles, as its first step into the 27.5 market. Now it has followed it up with something even bigger—a 429SL