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Yeah, but what do you ACTUALLY do around here?

Watch cat videos. Blog about cat videos. Come up with catchy hashtags about #catvideos.

What do you think about when you're riding your bike?

I wish I was riding my other bike.

How would you rate your coffee consumption on a scale of 8-10?


Complete this sentence: "My other bike is …"

...an 800 horsepower gas-guzzling drag car.

What are you eating, drinking, reading, or fearing these days?

I am buried under a mountain of RSS. I felt physical pain when Google Reader went away.

Elvis or the Beatles?


Say something profound and meaningful in exactly seven words…

1. something 2. profound 3. and 4. meaningful 5. in 6. exactly 7. seven 8. shit ...

I like your answers. How can I get in touch with you?

Email me

2013 World Cup downhill recap

The 2014 World Cup downhill season starts in two weeks just where it left off at the World Championships in 2013 - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Will 2014 be the season 27.5 wheels sweep the circuit? Will Steve Smith and Gee Atherton continue their dominating battle for the overall title? Will rising stars like Richie Rude and Loic Bruni usher in a new generation? Can anyone challenge Rachel Atherton’s dominance? I can’t wait to find out. Get caught up with the 2013 season here.


Introduction and First Impression: Breezer Supercell 29er


Breezer Bikes surprised us all last year with the introduction of the Repack, a 160mm, 27.5 trail/enduro bike aimed right at the heart of the full suspension market. Now it’s following up with a 29er version, with 120mm of travel and the same unique M-Link suspension system.

Back in February I was lucky enough to shake off the Pennsylvania snow and head west to Fairfax, California, (the “birthplace” of mountain biking”) to join none other than Joe Breeze for a special presentation.

There I got a sneak peek and a first ride on the Supercell, which continues the Breezer tradition of naming bikes after weather events. Joe Breeze himself was kind enough to give us a tour of the trails surrounding Mt. Tamalpais, and a tour of the new bike.

See details of the Supercell here.


Guerrilla Gravity unveils second bike, the Megatrail


Guerrilla Gravity is a small, consumer-direct brand that launched last year with its made-in-Colorado GG/DH downhill bike. Now it’s taking pre-orders for its next machine, the Megatrail.

While the Megatrail looks to be a fully capable bike in standard mode, a 30-second shock mount swap turns it into a much more dynamic descender. The standard mode features 150mm of travel and a 66.5 degree head tube angle while the Gravity mode bumps it to 160mm of travel and a 65.5 degree head tube angle. The bottom bracket also drops to 12.7 inches, which matches Guerrilla Gravity’s GG/DH downhill bike and is meant to feel like a mini-DH bike. The suspension was developed in partnership with Cane Creek to perfectly match the Double Barrel Air CS air shock.

Get more details here.


SRAM unveils completely new Guide brakes


While much of the internet speculation as of late centered on SRAM‘s upcoming RS-1 inverted fork (more on that later), the brand unveiled it’s new line of completely redesigned brakes today, dubbed Guide.

There are three new models, a new four-piston caliper and new rotors, as well as a host of new design elements. Most notable is Swinglink, a cam inside the lever body that adjusts the power on tap – eliminating that on/off feeling. The Piggyback reservoir offers a super-simple way to manage brake fluid (DOT) and allows for a single lever body to be mounted on either side, simplifying production and the life of every mechanic who has worked a demo day.

See the new brakes here.

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