Win a VeloSport Wellness CBD Prize Package

VeloSport Wellness CBD has partnered with us to give away a prize package including their gel capsules, tinctures, warming balm, and roll-on gel.

Designed by athletes for athletes, VeloSport Wellness products use only the finest natural ingredients. Approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), our holistic technologies contain no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), only healing cannabidiol (CBD). Created by the renowned cycling distributor, VeloSport Imports, home to top-flight bicycles and components, VeloSport Wellness is on the cutting edge of athletic products.

VeloSport cannabidiol (CBD) isolate soft gel capsules are fast-acting, offering a controlled dose of high-quality CBD without the need for inhalation. Our 1,500mg world anti-doping agency (WADA) approved CBD soft gel capsules are quickly absorbed and easily ingested. All VeloSport products are completely pure and free of additives, in keeping with our mission to provide the highest quality products money can buy.

VeloSport cannabidiol (CBD) is a fast-acting, controlled dose of high-quality cannabidiol requiring no inhalation. Our World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved CBD tincture products contain no THC. The quick-absorbing sublingual tincture has a smooth, natural lemon flavor that works best when placed under the tongue. The product is completely pure, free of additives, and discreet for easy consumption.

Velosport sore muscle warming balm works to relieve sore muscles and inflammation without damaging your skin. We include camphor, cinnamon leaf, and peppermint oils to increase vasodilation, increasing blood flow applied areas. Alleviate muscle and joint pain, courtesy of lavender, juniper berry, and rosemary oils, and enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass and grapeseed oils contained in cocoa butter.

VeloSport’s CBD Roll-On Warming Muscle Relief Gel offers an innovative approach to alleviating muscle soreness. With its unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients and roll-on application system, VeloSport Roll-On Warming Gel offers quick, on-the-spot relief for aching joints and muscles; complete with a holistic honeysuckle blend, black pepper, cypress, fennel, cinnamon and ravensara oils that deliver comfort for all your senses.

Package Includes

  • CBD Roll-On Gel:  MSRP $30.00

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