The Weekly Dirt

Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Dirt, where we take a look at what’s happening in mountain biking and beyond.

This weekend we will be kicking around Sun Valley Idaho for this year’s Outer Bike event as well as spending some time with the good people of Crank Tank as their Impact event coincides. Stay tuned for reportage on the riding and potential product releases from Idaho.

Race Face has updated its popular flat pedal, the Chester. The latest version of the Chester is still based off the slim nylon body but with updated traction and a seemingly endless assortment of color options. (we’re a little partial to the turquoise.) Sealed ball bearing and bushings paired with a Cro-moly steel axle mean the Chester is ready for the abuse of modern trail riding. The Chester is now available for $49.99.

Along with the Chester, Race Face has released the Ride pedal. The Ride offers composite molded pins instead of metal inserts like the Chester but still will be offered in the same 9 colors for $34.99. For more on the Chester and the Ride visit Race Face.

In news that hits close to Dirt Rag home base Club Ride Apparel has awarded its Inaugural Impact Grant to a group near the Cacapon State Park in West Virginia. The $2500 grant will help them finish a trail system that will be used locally by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association teams and also provide them with a race course during their season.

The trail system started back in 2017 when the community saw the need for more trail access. The Superintendent of the State Park, Scott Fortney helped get 1,000 acres set aside primarily for trails Mark Hoyle had this to say about the Cacapon State Parks involvement in the project “They were pivotal to getting the trails going. Without their support, it would have been like pushing a boulder uphill.” Cacapon State Park staged a local enduro race this spring and gave all of the proceeds from camping to help fund the new trails. They plan to use the funds to complete the trail system this fall.

Speaking of NICA, Mint Socks will be donating $1 of every sock sold to the NICA program. So get your feet freshly minted and help get the next generation of riders out there on the trail.

While we are on the subject of NICA, Rapha has announced its most recent endeavor the Rapha Foundation. The high-end apparel brand will be taking applications from individual up and coming riders as well as supporting established development organizations such as NICA. Helping fund programs like NICA wasn’t the only moves Rapha has made in the dirt recently. A few of the EF Education boys tried their luck at this year’s Dirty Kanza event, finding out just how grueling the premier gravel event can be, even for Pro Tour riders. You can get a glimpse of their day in this short film.

Planet Bike has also been in the giving spirit as of late, they have recently awarded over $25,000 to bicycle organizations who are working to attract people to cycling through policy and infrastructure projects that move bicycling forward across the country. This adds to the over 2 million dollars the company has donated to non-profit organizations helping to make America a friendlier place for cyclists. Amongst the recipients in this round of funding was Blackstone Bicycle Works, Living Street Alliance, Trailnet, League of American Bicyclist, NICA and Free Bikes For Kids.

That’s the Dirt for this week kids, if you are planning on being around the east coast in July come hang out with us at this year’s Dirt Fest West Virginia and if you enjoy independent mountain bike journalism consider becoming a subscriber. See you on the trails!