The Hutchinson Griffus – Now Available in the US!

Editor’s Note: This message is paid for by our partners Hutchinson Tires

Hutchinson Tires has been in the bike tire business since 1890. That’s right. They’ve been hand-making bicycle tires for just shy of 130 years. Though some know the brand as being pioneers of road tubeless, they’ve made a name for themselves within every discipline of cycling; road, BMX, XC, DH and urban. And most recently, this historic company (makers of the mythic TORO’s and DZO tires for mud) has rounded out their gravity line by creating the ideal weapon for dry conditions with the launch of the Griffus.

The Griffus is the first tire in Hutchinson’s Racing Lab Series (the “Racing Lab” being a select mix of designers, engineers, and pro athletes). This team designed, created and tested the tires in the most demanding conditions to find the perfect tread combo for riders seeking big thrills in dry, rocky, loose conditions.

The suggested 2.4/2.5 combo (front/rear) gives the rider increased speed, durability, and grip for whatever the terrain throws your way. Dust, rocks, roots; nothing can resist the Griffus.

  • The 2.4 (in 27.5/29) 57mm wide, offers faster-rolling performance
  • The 5 (in 27.5/29) 58mm wide, has aggressive side knobs for high grip and a directional profile for precise riding and maximum breaking.
  • The Griffus is e-bike compatible and durable (w/bead-to-bead Hard Skin reinforcement).

*Initially released at Sea Otter, the Griffus is now available in stores and online in the US and ready to roll. Learn More!