Ten winners will receive a pair of tires from Teravail

Enter for your chance to win a set of Ehlines or Honchos, Teravail’s all-new trail tires!

Teravail just expanded their mountain offering with the launch of the all-new Ehline and Honcho.

The Honcho is our latest high-performance trail tire developed with angular lugs that are tall and aggressive creating a fast-rolling tread pattern that still provides ample traction and bite through loose, uneven terrain.

Designed in response to modern XC trails, the Ehline is fast-rolling with uncompromised cornering performance – developed to provide more traction and durability than traditional XC tires for those who demand the most in a tire when riding increasingly aggressive, challenging terrain.

Hurry! Contest ends April 18th. Winners will be selected and contacted by April 25th.

We’ll be selecting 25 winners. Each winner will receive a pair of Ehline or Honcho tires with their choice of size and construction.

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