Race Face Creator Series: Skye Shillhammer’s “From Slide To Ride”

Over the next few months Race Face will be releasing a collection of short films as part of the ‘Creator Series.’ First up is Skye Shillhammer’s “From Slide to Ride.”

Skye Shillhammer’s film From Slide to Ride is a story of how a natural disaster brought a town together and how mountain biking could bring inspiration back to the youth, and give a path for the community as a whole to heal and remember in a positive way.

Why We Chose this film: This film is about a town dealing with tragedy,  and how it used mountain biking to turn that negative into something positive and lasting. It is a great demonstration of the power of mountain bikes to not only lift the human spirit but also be a beacon for the community to rally around. We feel this film truly captures the essence of the Creator Series.