Paul Components Dropper Trigger

Paul Components Dropper Trigger – $90

By Scott Williams 

At this point, I couldn’t even count the number of different dropper levers which I have used. There are certainly a few that stick out my mind and would recommend to friends, some that functioned perfectly fine but were otherwise unmemorable and a handful that I would rather go back to high-posting than install.


To what should be no surprise, the Paul Dropper Trigger is probably one of the most beautifully crafted triggers I’ve seen. It’s machined in Chico, California from 6061 aluminum to tolerances as precise as five ten-thousandths (0.0005”) which is smaller than the thickness of a standard piece of paper.


For a smooth actuation, the trigger utilizes dual-stacked sealed cartridge bearings at the pivot point which aids to help reduce lever slop as well as providing the ability to service the trigger ensuring it runs smoothly over the years. The trigger also features both a pinch-bolt AND cable head recess for dual compatibility. At a feathery 40-grams, the Paul Dropper Trigger provides a barrel adjuster and hinged clamp to make installation a breeze.


Coming off the highly regarded Wolftooth ReMote, I was curious how the Paul Dropper Trigger would compare in function. While the Wolftooth ReMote appears to offer more grip at the thumb pad due to the company’s “high-traction lever,” the pad itself also has a convex shape requiring the added grooves. Meanwhile, the Paul Dropper Trigger has a more concave shape to it which allows your thumb to nestle comfortably into the pad thus not needing all the extra grip to maintain control.

Overall the Paul Dropper Trigger has an incredibly smooth feel to it. Without a doubt, there are cheaper options out there that perform well, but there is something to be said about the craftsmanship of this finely machined piece of aluminum. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s in my favorite color, purple.

Typically the Dropper Trigger is available in black, silver or polished but for 2019 purple is the limited edition option. Don’t wait too long if you want to get on the “juicy electric purple” anodized gravy train.