Marzocchi Goes Purple for Rampage

It’s October and in the mountain bike world, which means Red Bull Rampage, the most iconic freeride event of the year. Marzocchi riders have been Rampage frontrunners ever since the godfather, Wade Simmons won the very first edition in 2001. Beginning on Monday, October 21st, in an ode to Marzocchi’s heritage, all team riders will be running custom Bomber Purple suspension as they take to the course. Look for Tyler McCaul, Reed Boggs, DJ Brandt, Thomas Genon, and Tom van Steenbergen to be on purple Bomber 58 forks and CR shocks as they continue to write out Marzocchi’s legacy on the beautifully treacherous cliff faces of the Southern Utah desert.

While Marzocchi says this is a special color just for the Red Bull Rampage, they also stated if there is enough interest the purple could be made available to consumers. I for one know a couple of Dirt Rag employees that would love to get their hands on one. Be sure to check out Red Bull Rampage this Friday to catch all the purple in action.