Issue 207 – Road tripping straight to your eyeballs

The Road Trip issue is a well-established theme here. We took a broad approach to the topic this time.

Long-time contributor Devon Balet rides the rails to the trails. New contributor Ian Lloyd Neubauer travels to Indonesia for a ride on an active volcano.

Recent studies are finding small doses of LSD to be an effective treatment for the mental maladies that are becoming all too common in modern society. Do microdoses and mountain bikes mix? Intrepid journalist Adam Hurlburt attempts to find out in MTB on LSD.

Bikes! We’ve got them.

There is a feature-length review of the just-released Eskar Elkat. Web-editor Carolyne Whelan shreds on the All-City Electric Queen. A.J. Collins gets down on the Specialized Enduro Coil 29.

Also: Reynolds carbon wheels, sweet tires from Vittoria, REI camping hammock, Marzocchi Z1, Sunnto adventure watch, and a Rocky Mounts swing-away hitch rack.

Access editor Leslie Kehmeier takes us through her fly-over state adventure in Mid-west, Heck Yes!

Lots of other goodness from Watts and Stevil and Eat Me and Drink Me and Alternative Facts.

It is all there waiting for you. Go get it.