Seven people will have a chance to win a set of tires from Hutchinson Tires

Hutchinson Tires has partnered with us to give seven people . chance to win a set of 27.5″ or 29″ Griffus tires! Start clickin’ below to earn 20+ entries. Once you enter, you’ll receive an email with additional sharing instructions to improve your odds!


The Griffus is Hutchinson’s brand new gravity tire designed to deliver the fastest rolling performance and best lateral grip for hard pack and dry conditions.

As a part of Hutchinson’s RacingLab series, Griffus was developed in collaboration with the best downhill and enduro riders in the world, and it is handmade in France with the finest tire materials in the world.

Prize winners will receive a pair of Griffus tires in 27.5″ or 29″ diameter, with a front tire width of 2.5 for improved handling and a rear tire width of 2.4 for improved rolling. #YourOwnPath #Griffus

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