Another Hit-and-Run Driver Who Left Someone to Die

Every morning I open my inbox to Google alerts of the word “bicycle” and every day someone is injured to near-death or killed on a bike, or while just walking along by a vehicle. The sad fact is Andrew “Bernie” Bernstein is no different than all the other people mowed down by vehicles on a daily basis. But Bernie is close to our hearts in the bike industry.  He’s the former editor of Bicycling Magazine, an advocate and active member in the Boulder, CO cycling community and he currently works with an outdoor industry PR Firm. He is part of the bike industry, a person who works to spread the love of all things bike…
And someone hit him with a 4,000+ lb vehicle and left him on the road suffering from life-threatening injuries. To drive away from someone, knowing you have injured them, is a level of cold-heartedness I will never understand. You left him there to die! A son, a partner, a friend, a human being…
The fact that roads are designed and built in an unsafe manner and that citizens are given license to operate hugely dangerous machines on a daily basis with little to no training is the problem. All of this can be prevented with safety, education and proper infrastructure.

How to Help

Images of the suspected vehicle below. Contact authorities asap if you know anything! Share the images from and this information!
Investigators with the Colorado State Patrol believe the vehicle involved is a third-generation (1994-2003) Dodge Cargo Van 2500 or 3500. The van is believed to be white or light grey in color. It has windows on the passenger side access door, but no windows on the driver side (other than the driver’s window). There is most likely damage to the front passenger side light area. Police released photos of suspect vehicles caught on camera.
If you know anything about this hit and run, you can contact Colorado State Patrol at 303-289-4760.
Keep Bernie and his family in your thoughts.