Happy Anniversary Maurice, from BaileyWorks


As you might have heard, we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year. As a bit of a thank you gift to the head honcho around here, Publisher Maurice Tierney, we partnered with BaileyWorks to produce this custom, one-of-a-kind Citi Pack backpack.

We sent them two old Dirt Rag jerseys and just a week or two later they had crafted it into the exterior of the bag, including the rear jersey pockets on the outside as a little bonus. While you can’t get one like Moe’s, you can send BaileyWorks your own favorite jersey and they can turn it into a messenger bag or backpack of your own.



A Citi Pack like this one is available in two sizes and has a ton of options like laptop sleeves, key clips, waist belts and more. Check it out and lots of other freakishly strong bags at baileyworks.com.