Enter to win a Motorex Ultimate Bike Maintenance Kit

Enter for a chance to win the Motorex Ultimate Bike Maintenance Kit. This kit will provide you with everything you need to keep your bike running smooth and looking fresh! Plus you’ll get to rock your new Motorex hat while wrenching on your bike.

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For over a 100 years, Motorex has been an award winning producer of high quality Swiss products for cyclists. Every product is produced in house, with quality being the number one priority. Come see why world class athletes and everyday riders rely on Motorex to keep their bikes up and running.

Package Includes:

  • Motorex Easy Clean
  • Bike Clean
  • Wet Protect
  • Dry Power
  • City Lube
  • White Grease
  • Bike Grease 2000
  • Copper Paste
  • Mineral Brake Fluid
  • DOT 5.1 Brake fluid
  • Tyre Mounting Fluid
  • Bike Shine
  • Quick Clean
  • Joker 440 Synthetic Spray
  • Motorex Hat

Learn more about Motorex Bike Products: https://eurolineusa.com/product-category/bicycle-products/

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