A Wild, Wonderful, World Cup

From Our Advertiser: Snowshoe Mountain

This September, American mountain biking fans will have the rare opportunity to watch a World Cup event right here on U.S. soil. And not just any American soil. We’re talking about the legendary rocks and roots of Snowshoe, West Virginia. And it’s not just any World Cup race. It’s the World Cup FINALS, meaning the stakes will be high and champions will be crowned.

If you’re asking yourself how did such a prestigious event find its way to a remote corner of Appalachia, the answer is simple; years and years of hard work involving too many people to count, and a mountain unlike any other. Mountain bike racing at Snowshoe has a long history dating back to NORBA events in the 1990’s and 2000’s. In just the last decade, Snowshoe has played host to 4 sets of USA Cycling National Championship events, as well as several Pro GRT races and countless regional competitions, paving the way for the biggest race of them all, a UCI World Cup.

Downhill racing has seen tremendous growth over the years but nowhere more so than in the Southern Appalachians. The number of elite pro racers from “down south” is proof that the terrain in this part of the country is truly world-class. Pro racers like Neko Mulally and Dakotah Norton cut their teeth at Snowshoe, and the opportunity to race on the biggest stage at a place they know so well is something they’re both looking forward to.

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